B.E Beautiful Energy Skincare | P.M. Intensive Focused Repair Lotion

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Medical grade skincare that maximizes patient outcomes and creates a new standard of care for laser & energy-based treatments.

An overnight treatment with citrus-derived AHA, and CRV-8 Complex. Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and reduces the appearance of enlarged pores, while improving skin tone and clarity.

GLUTATHIONE –Powerful cell energizer/Antioxidant fights oxidative stress

•VITAMIN E –Synergistic with Glutathione powerful

antioxidant reducing oxidative stress from free radicals

•HA –Medium molecular weight penetrates corneum and

binds1000x weight in water

•MYSTRIC ACID – and other plant-derived fatty acids provide critical raw materials for the lipid lamellar structure required for a healthy barrier. Skin appears more hydrated, plump, and more youthful

•CAFFEINE –Antioxidant helps reduce inflammation and

puffiness tightens and brightens.

•CITRIC ACID –AHA that enhances cell turnover and allows for actives to penetrate.


Concentrations of citric acid:

1.4%in PM Focused Repair Lotion pH =4.15

2.10% in PM Intensive Focused Repair pH= 3.98

Pre & Post Treatment Care 


All products in the line are safe to be used up until the day of treatment to maximize outcomes.


Calm and Renew Serum can be applied immediately after the procedure to help soothe skin and minimize downtime. Ongoing use can then be safely resumed the day of treatment.

The Hydrating Cleanser and Ultra Hydrating Face & Eye Cream can be safely resumed the day of treatment.

The PM Focused Repair Lotion and the PM Intensive Focused Repair Lotion should not be used until 5-7 days post-microablative treatments and for completely ablative treatments, usage should not be resumed until skin is fully healed.

Utilizing the full line of B.E. Beautiful Energy medical grade skincare pre-treatments, post-treatments, and in-between treatments will help patients get the most out of laser and energy-based procedures. All products can also be used for on-going daily maintenance. Be sure to recommend using the skincare regimen with a daily SPF 30 or higher sunscreen to protect skin from sun damage.